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MAC Solar Index September 2020 Quarterly Review Changes

As part of the regular quarterly index review process that takes effect after the close of business on September 18, 2020, the following stocks will be added to the index: Renova Inc (9519 JT) with an Exposure Factor of 0.5, Meyer Burger Technology AG (MBTN SW) with an Exposure Factor of 1.0, Azure Power Global Ltd (AZRE US) with an Exposure Factor of 1.0, and Clearway Energy Inc-C Shares (CWEN US) with an Exposure Factor of 0.5. There are no other changes.


Solar is becoming ever less dependent on government incentives due to falling solar costs and is already grid-competitive without subsidies in many geographical areas and in even more areas during peak electric-ity demand times.


Solar energy is one of the very few long-term solutions for the world’s energy needs with zero operational pollution/CO2 emissions (versus fossil fuels), free fuel from sunlight (versus coal and natural gas fuel costs), and near-zero operational risk (versus nuclear disasters).