MAC Solar Index March 2021 Quarterly Review Changes

As part of the regular quarterly Index review process that takes effect after the close of business on March 19, 2021, the Exposure Factor for the existing constituent Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY US) will be raised to 1.0 from 0.5. Also, the following stocks will be added to the Index (with the Exposure Factor in parenthesis): Array Technologies Inc (ARRY US) (1.0), Sunworks (SUNW US) (1.0), Soltec Power Holdings SA (SOL SM) (1.0), Fastned BV (FAST NA) (1.0), Luoyang Glass Company Limited-H (1108 HK) (1.0), GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd (451 HK) (1.0), XINTE ENERGY Co-H (1799 HK) (0.5), Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group (1250 HK), (0.5), United Renewable Energy (3576 TT) (1.0), TSEC Corp (6443 TT) (1.0), Motech Industries Inc (6244 TT) (1.0), Giga Solar Materials Corp (3691 TT) (1.0), Anji Technology Co Ltd (6477 TT) (1.0), Hanwha Solutions Corporation (009830 KS) (0.5), Shinsung E&G Co Ltd (011930 KS) (0.5), Doral Group Renewable Energy Resources Ltd (DORL IT) (1.0), Enlight Renewable Energy (ENLT IT) (1.0), and Energix-Renewable Energies Ltd (ENRG IT) (0.5). There are no stock deletions from the Index and no other changes.